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Current QuickQuid Promo Code

As you have probably found out if you've been searching the Web, there are currently no Wonga promo codes for existing customers. BUT, DON'T BE SAD, you can use one of these Wonga alternatives and get a great deal:

LenderDescriptionDiscount CodeLink
Quick QuidQuick Quid have a really quick and smooth process and boast that you can get your loan in just 10 minutes after approvalEnter AFF25 for 25% discount!Five StarsProceed to QuickQuid
PeachyPeachy offer loans of between £50 and £500 for between 5 days to 5 monthsUse code UDG5OFF for £5 discountFour StarsProceed to Peachy
Pounds 2 PocketsPounds 2 Pockets offer loans from £200 to £2000 and with a decision in as little as just 10 minutesNot NeededFour StarsProceed to Pounds2Pockets
BongaLoansBongaLoans offer loans of between £100 and £1000 for 1 to 30 days. You must be 18+ with a monthly income of £500+Not NeededThree StarsProceed to BongaLoans

Please be aware that Wonga are currently not supplying ANY promo codes for existing customers.

If you require a discount, we suggest you try the Quick Quid promo by clicking the link HERE.

When asked for your PROMO CODE, enter the following: AFF25

This will provide a DISCOUNT OF 25% (the highest discount currently available)

About QuickQuid and their promotional codes

If you're considering using QuickQuid for a short term, payday loan it's well worth taking advantage of their current promotional code.

If you're a new customer to QuickQuid, you are entitled to use the QuickQuid Promo Code that will save you a massive thirty percent of the finance charge. The QuickQuid promotional code shown above is the biggest discount available to new customers so make the most of it while it's still current.

Simply copy and paste the Promo Code from this page and paste it into the appropriate field on your QuickQuid loan application form. QuickQuid will then make a necessary calculations and apply the relevant discount to your account with them.

QuickQuid have gained an excellent reputation in the past few years and are now a household name. As a result of TV advertising campaigns and some great marketing, many people across the UK feel they're able to turn to QuickQuid when they're in need of a short-term, payday loan in as little as just ten minutes.

The application form that needs to be completed on the QuickQuid website is very short and straightforward but you must remember to insert your QuickQuid promo code if the discount is something you would like to make use of.

QuickQuid have a number of payment windows, spaced exactly 10 minutes apart. There is a countdown timer on their website that clearly indicates the next time that QuickQuid will be making their deposits into customer bank accounts. Providing you have entered all your details correctly and have been accepted for a short term loan, this timer will indicate how much longer you will need to wait until the bank transfer of your loan amount has been completed.

Most people in the UK now have online access to their bank accounts thanks to the explosion of online banking driven by the increased accessibility of Internet connections. This means that if you really are in a hurry for your loan, it's very easy to wait until the 10 minutes has passed by and then to login to your online bank account in order to check that the funds are now in place and also to pay any bills that might be waiting.

There are a number of payday loan companies operating in the UK but not all of them provide promotional codes for use by their customers. QuickQuid provide promo codes because they believe that their service is so good that if you need a loan in the future, you will use them again over their competitors even though there may not be a promo code in existence for existing customers at that specific time.


Unfortunately, Wonga promo codes are no longer being issued. The good news is there are currently some massive discounts from other companies and we've put the following list together:

Quick Quid
  • Massive 25% discount!
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Cash in 10 minutes
  • Discount code: AFF25
Three Stars
Proceed to QuickQuid
  • Exclusive £5 discount!
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Borrow £50 to £500
  • Cash in just hours
  • 5 days to 5 months
  • Discount code: UDG5OFF
Three Stars
Proceed to Peachy
  • Borrow up to £500
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Terms of 1-30 days
  • Warning: £5 application fee
One Star
Proceed to BongaLoans
UK Payday
  • Compares various lenders
  • 2 minute short-form
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Borrow up to £1000
Three Stars
Proceed to UK Payday